Courtney Cochran

Pronouns: she/her

Courtney Cochran is an Anishinaabe multidisciplinary artist, filmmaker and community organizer based in Minneapolis. She is a passionate teaching artist and youth mentor, concentrating her efforts around knowledge and skill sharing as well as equitable and sustainable art access.

Her approach to documentary filmmaking comes from a decolonized lens where she abandons the use of the camera as an authoring mechanism and works against any directorial or production hierarchies. Her practice consists of various mediums such as film, silkscreen and block printing, quillwork, jewelry making and painting, often incorporating mixed media elements into her designs. Her work often addresses social justice movements, connection to community and to culture, self-exploration, healing and joy.

Artist statement: My artistic approach to any project begins with first building authentic reciprocal relationships and working in a way that is grounded in creative place-keeping. I help to uplift and support storytelling, connectivity, community healing spaces and shared knowledge, skills and resources. My goal is to be a good relative and always hold space for others. To be accountable, aim to be a good ancestor one day and collectively build and strengthen relationships that extend past any project timeline.

My entire artistic process and practice involves community engagement and collaboration. From public art that includes community voices as much as possible, before, during and after the fabrication and installation, to smaller scale pieces such as jewelry making in my home studio, where I create from gifted teachings and techniques, those resources and skill sets are continually passed on to community members or the youth that I work with.

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Courtney Cochran: 2023-2024 "We Are Still Here" mentor