Deanna StandingCloud

Pronouns: She/Her
Tribal Affiliation: Red Lake Nation of Anishinaabe


Deanna StandingCloud is currently a Community Relations Specialist Tribal Liaison with United Healthcare Community & State Plan of Minnesota. StandingCloud has been collaboratively working in community for many years. She was awarded the American Indian Family Empowerment Program grant through the Tiwahe Foundation to create a children’s book entitled, “Anishinaabe Alchemy” that highlights cultural Ojibwe icons as superheroes. She is also currently learning the Ojibwe language and helping to revitalize the traditional game of Lacrosse.

Before the pandemic, she also completed her program as a Native Nation Rebuilder with the Native Governance Center, focusing upon “Sovereignty through Storytelling.” She is a mother, playwright, organizer, artist, community leader, pow wow emcee, and advocate for Indigenous people. In the spare time she can scrape up, Deanna enjoys spending time with her children Breanna, Nigozis and Ziigwan, attending traditional ceremonies, going on nature walks, creating art, building community, and cooking yummy food.