Jade Gustafson

Pronouns: She/Her
Tribal Affiliation: Whitesand First Nation

Jade Gustafson is a member of Whitesand First Nation, Ontario, and was born and raised in Thunder Bay. When she was twelve her parents, Ryan and Shannon Gustafson, taught her the skills she needed to be a beader. She grew up surrounded by powwow culture and was a traditional dancer until she was seventeen, when she took a step back. Although powwows continue to be a source of inspiration for her creative works, she enjoys experimenting with different projects. Her work is family oriented, with her mother often creating the designs and Justine selecting the colours. Her signature pieces include lanyards, necklaces, earrings and beaded coin purses. On occasion, she will accept an order for custom beadwork for hair sets, leggings or moccasins