Justine Gustafson

Pronouns: She/Her
Tribal Affiliation: Whitesand First Nation


Justine Gustafson is a member of Whitesand First Nation, Ontario, and was born and raised in Thunder Bay. Her cultural background as an Anishinaabekwe is the foundation of her creativity. Currently working full-time as a beader, Justine is recognized and well known for her exceptional bead artistry. She celebrates her identity and culture with vibrant colours and land-based imagery such as floral motifs. She fuses traditional and contemporary materials and methods in her creations—for example, combining 24- karat-gold-plated elements with glass seed beads and porcupine quillwork. She also creates one-of-a-kind pieces for powwow dancers across Canada and the United States. Faced with personal struggle, Justine finds comfort and healing through the creative process of beading. Art keeps her connected to family, culture and community. Justine is the recipient of several Ontario Arts Council grants that support her practiceand her commitment to cultural preservation.