Installation view of "Healing" (Birch and Cotton String) by artist Valaria Tatera as part of the group exhibition, "Noojimo (She Heals)." Image by Tj Turner Pictures

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J. White, "Sisters," 2022, 48x84x2, Acrylic on canvas

Aug 1, 2024 – Oct 5, 2024

J. White: Arikara Proper

Arikara Proper is a solo exhibition featuring a collection of paintings from artist J. White (Arikara).

All My Relations Arts
 | J. White
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Pride is Indigenous: Featuring Nick Metcalf

Pride in our LGBTQA2+ community members lasts for more than just June at NACDI. This is especially true this year, with the annual Minneapolis Two Spirit Reclaiming Our Identities Powwow happening this Saturday, July 13th! To round out our series of writings from Two Spirit allies this season, we are…

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Pride is Indigenous: Featuring Penny Kagigebi

June is LGBTQA2+ PRIDE Month. NACDI recognizes the contributions of Two Spirit and queer people to our community with this series of writings from Two Spirit and allies. We embrace the traditional roles of our Two Spirit relatives.  Words by Penny Kagigebi: Boozhoo Indinawemaaganidook /…

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